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Who are we?

Altaï Iceland specializes in organising nature and adventure travel throughout Iceland. We are a team of passionate professional tour leaders dedicated to sharing our love for this spectacular country.

With a wealth of experience and local expertise behind us, plus an unwavering focus on safety, we are able to offer active adventure trips which venture into the heart of Icelands unspoiled remote wilderness.

We design both tailor-made and group trips, for solo travellers, couples, groups of friends and families. Let us to organize you the trip of your dreams. Our experienced team guarantees the highest quality of service.
Who are we?
Altaï Iceland Spirit

Altaï Iceland Spirit

At Altaï Iceland we are a team. We are passionate,  professional tour leaders dedicated to sharing our love for this spectacular country.

Our local knowledge and expertise enables us to provide authentic adventure trips and unique opportunities like  living with locals in the wilderness. We offer adventure activities in all seasons including hiking, wildlife observation and snowshoeing trips...

Altaï Iceland is committed to:

1. Environmental protection

We venture into some of the most remarkable environments in the world and feel it is our duty to protect and preserve these destinations. We follow the 'Leave No Trace' outdoor ethical code and take our Sustainable and Responsible Tourism policies very seriously. We support small local companies rather than mass tourism so our wilderness adventures involve using no-frills back-to-basics traditional accommodation options.

2. The quality of our trips

Our small group sizes (no more than 15 people) enable us to offer high quality services and to preserve the integrity of the remote places we visit. Our professional tour leaders are highly qualified and experienced plus we provide all technical equipment needed for our activities. An unwavering focus on safety is at the heart of all of our trips and we are always reviewing our routes taking into account your comments and suggestions.

3. Fair prices

Our prices are tailored to our quality criteria and we never use middlemen so we can ensure fairprices for everyone. Departures are guaranteed from 4 or 5 participants at no extra cost (excluding specific requests) and we promise no nasty surprises or unexpected additional expenses. Our travel agents will be in touch with you in the run up to your adventure and all of our trip details are updated regularly with what is included/not is clearly outlined.

4. Customer Service

We live in Iceland year round, we have a wealth of local knowledge and we really are nature and adventure travel experts. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are always happy to hear from you and we love providing solutions!